Wardrobe Edit

The Wardrobe Edit is an affordable, friendly and completely non judgemental service tailored to help you declutter your wardrobe, organise and restyle your clothes. I will help you to assess your lifestyle and clothing needs and help you part ways with clothes which don't fit, can't be mended and need to be moved on. If you've lost your confidence, I will work with you to build it back and if you aren't sure what suits you we can find your style. I will work with what you already have and help you identify the gaps, advising you where and how you can build and curate a more coherent and sustainable wardrobe.   

I take a mindful and slow fashion approach, working with what you have, looking not for fast fashion fixes but for solutions which have longevity and which are kind and fair to people and nature in both process and ethos.  

For a fuller overview read here and here.