I am a designer and a photographer. I'm a creative who likes project management. I appreciate thrift and vintage but also modern luxury. I believe that simple is best and that less is more and I love to tell a story. A couple of years ago I started making pyjamas and called my shop Under The Cloth. I soon realised this was just a springboard and those pyjamas have given way to so much more.

I am passionate about style, sustainability, buying better and working with what you have. I also love to promote small brands doing things in a better way and for this reason I set up The Assembly Market, an occasional boutique market bringing interior and fashion brands together. 

I sold all my PJs and then decided that what suited me better was to concentrate on my first passion, vintage and preloved and telling stories.  So I've made a new website where I can do this at www.janninenewman.com 

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by, head over to my new website and let's go on this new journey together. 

Jannine x