This is me. I trained as a fashion designer but became an Interior designer. I'm a creative who likes project management. I appreciate thrift and vintage but also modern luxury. I believe that simple is best and that less is more.

I wanted to create a company making sleepwear that reflects the interiors I love and which is not driven by trends and fast consumption but by collaboration, good workmanship and design. It's meant adopting a new kind of business model which in a way harks back to before the Industrial Revolution, when most garment production existed on a small scale in home workshops called cottage Industries.

Under the Cloth was started from my kitchen table in 2017 on a shoestring and a hunch, that I could bring a different aesthetic to sleepwear and I could produce it in a slower and more sustainable way and because my children encouraged me to stop talking about my idea and to just do it.

So here I am, just doing it.

Jannine x