Veronique & Karen

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Veronique & Karen

Back in the summer, I got to hang out for the day with Scriptwriter Veronique and her partners sister, Karen, in Karen's stunning home. I've know Veronique for a very long time and Karen not so long; in fact I met Karen on the phone just a few months back and she gave me some very sage fashion advice, the reason being she used to have a nightwear range which had made it into some major department stores. I met her again in person in the summer when we both attended the preview of Veronique's short film, 'Only The Lonely'....

I asked Veronique to tell me more about the film which made it to the Underwire Film Festival this autumn, at the Barbican. 

My creative outlet is writing. I guess it is a form of creative escape. I love creating the story, the people and their worlds. I am usually inspired by the world around me, life experiences and my imagination. All of these fed into a short film script we called 'Only The Lonely' that was written with my co-writer and friend Elaine. We both come from the Anna Scher school, a drama school set up for local kids in Islington they spawned the likes of Phil Daniels, Linda Robson and Pauline Quirk not to mention Martin and Gary Kemp.

Only the Lonely was written because I have a passion to write and writing is a part of who I am. I don’t think either of us expected it to be made as quickly as it was by Dan Films, who loved the script. It was made with a female-led producer and director production team with personal backing from an investor but also from our family, friends and acquaintances who donated to an online social crowd-funding site. I cannot thank those people who believed in us enough for their support. The film was shot in four days in Walthamstow. 

Only The Lonely made it into the The Underwire Festival at the Barbican and was also nominated for the XX Award. We didn’t win but seeing our film on the big screen sitting amongst other fantastic short films and documentaries was a super proud moment for me. We are now planning a feature film inspired by the short!

What  great achievement for Veronique! We spent the day playing around with favourite pieces from Under The Cloth and thoroughly enjoying Karen's home and her laugh, which is infectious. I thoroughly enjoyed the artworks scattered through the house which are fabulous and so interesting.  

Everywhere you look there are gorgeous hits of colour and texture, Karen has a great eye for the unusual and the eclectic. It all works!

Karen and Veronique have a lovely relationship and they both laugh a lot!

One this is for sure, these ladies both embrace life and take care of themselves. Veronique attributes her amazingly youthful looks to a regular skincare regime with organic products only and regular fitness. This is one lady who never skips classes and can you tell. I found this very inspiring and since this shoot have changed my skincare. I now buy only organic and cruelty skincare products which are actually cheaper than you think (The Body Shop is still a great place to find affordable products) and I'm slowly using up my make up and replacing with cruelty free, vegan products. It makes a difference. 

It was another lovely day in the company of two creative and beautiful women and another example of women realising their dreams in later life. Age is only an issue if we let it become one, so just carry on creating and being who you are, age is entirely irrelevant.