Mary's Living & Giving & Frank Usher

Posted by Jannine Newman on
Mary's Living & Giving & Frank Usher

This show stopper of a vintage dress by Frank Usher is from Mary's Living & Giving in Stoke Newington and part of the collection I curated from the shop. What I loved about this shoot were all the different strands which came together to create these photos. A vintage dress made by an old established British Brand being sold by a charity shop in 2019 who are carrying on the work of a remarkable woman who started 'Save The Children' 100 years ago and then that sale helping countless children around the world. Behind everything we do, there are hundreds of tiny little rivulets flowing to the bigger stream. It's the ebb and flow of life.

Dress - vintage Frank Usher / Mary's Living & Giving 
Necklace & shoes / From my wardrobe