Jo Good & Gurpreet (Part 1)

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Jo Good & Gurpreet (Part 1)

A few months back I was invited onto the Jo Good show on BBC London Radio to talk about Under The Cloth and being an older entrepreneur. If there's one thing I've learnt since starting my business, it's that no matter how terrified you are, just say yes! And yes, I was terrified at the thought of anyone at all listening to me. However, as it so often turns out with all these unknowns, it was a brilliant experience. When I arrived in the studio, Jo hugged me and I was  immediately put at my ease. It was like talking to someone you have known a very long time. 

To my delight at the end of the interview Jo said she would model for me and it was an offer I couldn't let pass. The double bonus was finding out that the shows researcher/producer Gurpreet has a new fashion sideline, making skirts from vintage saris. I loved her story and decided to make the shoot as much for her as for Under The Cloth and I'm saving her gorgeous skirts for the next blog post. 

So I should point out that the professional photographer and Jo's schedule did not coincide, so to get this shoot in the can, I had to photograph it myself. Again, terrified, but what I can say except face your fears! Just say yes and see what happens and actually, I'm really proud of what happened. Can you say that? I'm not sure but at the age of 50 I'm doing all the things I love and was too scared to do before. 

Jo is in incredible shape and can get into the sort of yoga positions most of us can only dream about. Our dog Basil was completely in love with her and she was the only one in the room who could get down to his level. 

I think you can probably tell from the photographs that these two women are just full of life have a great relationship. It was really lovely to capture their fun and friendship under the lens. 

It was one of those days which I will long hold in my memory. It was a huge boost for me to have two beautiful and accomplished women give their time to me so generously and freely and to champion my clothes. And it was a day that I grew in confidence because I faced another fear and said yes, I'll give it a go and take some photos. To all the women out there who might want to say yes but are scared, let me encourage you to just jump in. You might surprise yourself with just what you can achieve. 

I'll be posting part two of this blog in the next few weeks, in which we go to a local pub and photograph Gurpreet's skirts in a beautiful room basked in the evening sun. We really struck lucky with that one. Stay tuned.