From Law to Linen

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From Law to Linen

It was a pleasure recently to visit with Nicole Patterson, owner of Home Trousseau, a luxury homewares linen brand. It was another of those chance meetings, this time via Instagram where Nicole had commented on a post and I thought she seemed really interesting so I asked if I could photograph her and she agreed. She is a wonderfully modest woman who after a successful career in the law has in later life discovered her creativity. She's not alone; I've met a lot of women over the last year who have left careers in the city to become creative entrepreneurs. It's an exciting shift. Nicole also has a hidden talent, she makes most of her own clothes, so we photographed her in some of them, and she also has a pretty fabulous house which she has lovingly curated, and which is pared down and elegant much like it's owner. 

Nicole launched Home Trousseau after she spotted a gap in the market for home textiles made from the highest quality linen. Having been passionate about linen for years she set out to find luxury fabrics to combine with modern but timeless designs. Nicole says “I drew on my experience of years trawling through antique markets, brocantes, car boot sales and second-hand shops looking for fine linen that I could use or repurpose into something really useful. 

She explained, “I have some amazing sheets, napkins and tea towels at home that were over 50 years old when I bought them and I’m still using them on a daily basis. I wanted to bring that quality and trust from our own weavers to customers like me, searching for the best without having to trawl through so many outlets.” 

All of Home Trousseau’s products are sourced from within the European Union and come from the finest linen mills, some of which have been weaving for over five generations and all products on sale at Home Trousseau are made to stand the test of time.The Trousseau range includes heavyweight herringbone weave throws, which are perfect for the bedroom or for snuggling under on the sofa, super soft washed linen bedding to ensure a perfect night’s sleep. 

The company name draws from the tradition of the Trousseau. Traditionally a trousseau would include the clothes, linen and other belongings a bride would collect for her new marital home. Whilst we don’t have a trousseau in this sense any more, we still want to fill our homes with beautiful things. 

Pure Irish linen bedding is offered with bespoke pieces on request. Bath towels come in fine waffle for use in summer, with cosy medium waffle towels to wrap up in during the chilly winter months.  Matching flannels and beach towels are also available. The table linen collection includes tablecloths with matching napkins, aprons and washed linen tea towels, available in ice blue, charcoal grey and white. 

Linen is naturally anti-bacterial, cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold and perfect for those of us who have hot nights or partners who feel the heat in bed. Linen is so much more absorbent than cotton and can be washed at high temperatures with no fibre shrinkage so great for towels and flannels. 

Nicole has a simple philosophy; buy only what you need, or need to replace. Buy the best you can afford, in materials and finishes that will last and buy the ethical choice, if you can find it. “Buy what’s beautiful and what’s useful, but try to buy it only once. “ It's a great philosophy which she carries through to her home and wardrobe. 


Before I left, Nicole peeled back her lounge rug to reveal where she keeps her sewing patterns. Ingenious! I headed back to London, inspired by Nicole's simple approach to life and her joy at wearing her own home made dresses (she doesn't own many trousers). The very next day, inspired by this, I put on a dress. It felt really nice for a change not to wear trousers. 

Shopping with Home Trousseau simple and stress free. All of the products are shipped worldwide and wrapped in plastic-free packaging. You can find Nicole's range of linen at